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We specialize in very intelligent , calm, and loving Border Collies. Our dogs are raised in a family environment. We offer a tremendous selection of Red and White, Black and White, Blue, Red and Lilac Merles for sale. All of our dogs are registered ABCA.  Our Spur Bar Puppies are making names for themselves in 47 states across the U.S. and several foreign countries.

We began working with Border Collies in 1987, and enjoyed them so much that we began to plan and begin breeding them for sale in 2004. Our working Border Collies are trained to herd cattle and sheep on our ranch. Being a reputable Border Collie breeder we guarantee our dogs. 

The majority of our dogs being purchased are utilized as herding prospects. However, many are being used in agility, fly-ball, and dock diving. We have also found that because we breed for intelligence, calmness and temperament, they make wonderful companions/pets.

Lastly, when you choose to purchase a Spur Bar puppy or dog, we are only 20 minutes from Lansing Capital City Airport if you decide to ship via airline.

Eukanuba Select Breeders Program has chosen to partner with us in our stock dog breeding program. 


Thank you for considering a Spur Bar Stock Dog.

Wendy and Skip  

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