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Dear All,

I am glad to introduce you to Spurbar Ranch. A highly professional breeder that meets all requirements that guarantees high standards to customers overseas. The ranch has delivered us to Colombia, South America a lovely chocolate border collie of three months. The conditions of the puppy were outstanding and the service was stellar. I am pleased with Wendy and her family for putting this effort together and delivering their best.



                                           Daniel Flechas
                                           South - America

























From: Lora A
To: SpurBarRanch
Sent: Tue, Jan 4, 2011
Subject: Zap

Howdy Wendy,

I hope all is well on the ranch! I just wanted to send an update on Zap - I cannot believe he turned 5 this year. I am so happy I got one of your first puppies. He is my absolute best buddy, and I miss him greatly while I am away at college but I come home almost every weekend to see him.

Zap is excelling in agility; and he loves frisbee, tug-o-war, and dock diving for fun. But his favorite past time is herding the horses, and he does a GREAT job. I barely have to give him any direction at all - his instinct is unbelievable. Thanks again for giving me my baby, he makes my life complete. I especially love his gentle attempts to wake me up in the mornings by nuzzling, kissing, and whimpering.

Warm regards and sloppy kisses,
Lora and Zap (Michigan)























Hi Wendy,
I hope you and your family are well.   I just wanted you to see my wonderful awesome guy....He is such a love even won over my mom who is out from Ireland.
We have done the 1st agility training which we loved and he is getting really good at frisbee. We are signed up to take classes to learn about rally and other games for the both of us. Thank you so much for him. He is the best..

Best wishes,

Noreen O'Dea















Sent: Thu, Jun 10, 2010 10:11 am
Subject: Ike

Hi Wendy,

I just had to send an Ike update! I can hardly believe next month Ike will be a year old. He is doing so well and just loves the farm life. Can't wait to start training him soon as he is anxious to get in with the cattle. There isn't a day that goes by that we are proud to have him as our dog. We know that we made the right decision everyday on picking Ike out and thank you over and over again for giving us the opportunity to have a truly amazing animal! Hope all is well on the ranch! Can't wait to see pictures of the new pups!
P.S. I have attached a recent picture of Ike. My parents recently bought some property that is all wooded and has trails. Ike has learned the trails and loves to go out there to run them. He enjoys laying on the dock and watching the fish jump and I took this out on the dock. He goes everywhere he can with us. No one can get over how well natured and well behaved he is. He is loved by all who meet him!

Thanks again!

Brad and Amy Dunlap














Hi Wendy -

First of all - thank you so much for my gorgeous boy, Quinn!

In the beginning, I was a little worried about purchasing a dog online
but I now call him my "Match.com" puppy! I took one look at his face
(1 blue eye/1 green eye) and fell in love! I was also worried if he'd
get along with my 16 year old cat but over time - they've adapted &
share the house & the occasional quiet time together...Quinn has a wonderful disposition (very mellow & sweet); makes friends with everyone (dogs/cats/people,etc.); and has adjusted well from Michigan to his new home on the West Coast (surfer pup). He's growing up to be a great dog but I know there had to be lots of love on
Spurbar Ranch as you prepared Quinn & your other pups for adoption!    :  )

Thank you again!!!

Devin S.
Half Moon Bay, California














This is our fabulous dog/daughter! Barbi is one of the best dogs we have ever owned. She is smart, fun and adventurous. We let this sweet girl sleep in our bed (which I have never done before). She can herd cattle like I have never seen before. She is so quick and athletic- she has been never been defeated. She is such a pleasure to have in our family  which includes two teen-aged boys, who love her so dearly. We live in Atlanta (Buckhead) during the week and have a farm in Madison, GA where we raise 250 beef cattle. She goes both ways-city and country. Barbi is a very well-rounded girl. As I sit here writing this, she is resting her sweet head on my foot. 

Typical day at the farm- loves to go for a ride and check the cattle and sitting with George after a ride. She is always ready for the next surprise. Me too! 

Thank you Wendy!!! We have a great child/dog.

Bonnie and George C., Jr.
















Hi Wendy,


I can't believe that he is almost six months old.  I seems like it has only been a couple of weeks.  He is doing great.  He has a great personality.  We are having so much fun with him.  He is always making us laugh.  We have been bringing him everywhere.  He is great with every one especially children.  he is very gentle with my nephews they play ball all the time.  At night and in the morning he jumps on the bed and has to have some snuggle time with us before going to bed or out side.  He likes to cuddle as much as he likes to play.  He hasn't found out that he isn't a lap dog.  that is fine with me I enjoy having him curled up in my lap.  He is also getting protective of us.  he doesn't let the other dogs get any of our attention.  it is kind of funny but we are working on sharing.  Anyway we just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying him. 

Sarah, Dan, and Gunner














Hi Wendy,

It was our first online dog purchase. I was kind of nervous. But everything was great. If we where in the market for another dog we would look nowhere else. I always check the puppies out. I have a neighbor across the street who loves Roxi. He is single and is thinking of getting a dog. He has checked out your website. Dave told him to get a blue merle. We would like to see one. But he said I am partial to Roxi's color. I also saw a pup is coming to AZ again. We love her so much. We have a picture that she is looking up at you and she looks just like her Mom. We always say she just looks so happy always. She loves water and mud. Loves to fight the garden hose. Once again, I am so glad I found Spur Bar puppies. Border Collies are not easy to find around here. Take Care.















Hi Wendy,

Good to hear from you!  Your new puppies look great. 

I couldn’t be more pleased with my dogs.  They are wonderful companions, well behaved and have great personalities.
I’ve attached a couple of pictures.  Mac is the red one, Moira is the white one.

Take care, 

Jim M.










Hi Wendy,

I LOVE my border collie!!! Macy is one of the smartest dogs we have owned. We live on a ranch in Montana and she is a part of our working force!!!! We run cattle and we just couldn't do it without the help of our Macy!!!! Thanks for everything Spur Bar Ranch!!!


Sandy Q.







Hi Wendy,

I have been meaning to send you an update, she's doing great, growing like a weed. She sure is pretty and is into everything. She loves playing with my other border collie. 



Morrow Cattle Company












Hello Wendy,
Thanks for checking in. We’ve been having so much fun. He is doubling in size week over week at this point.  He’s still going by Panda. His personality is amazing very energetic (definitely an overly helpful little pest at times, yet so gentle and intelligent.  My family and friends are in love with him.  He’s made my place feel like a real home.  Anyway I could go on all day about him!!!

Thanks and all the best always,


New York









Hello here are some new pictures of Lobo.  We thank you for giving us the best dog ever!

Tanya and Christian

New Brunswick, Canada