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Equine Sales Terms

The Spur Bar Ranch offers the opportunity for the buyer to have the horse vet checked prior to the transaction taking place.  Should you and your newly purchased equine not bond and enjoy each others company, you have the choice to trade that equine for a replacement. This allows,  you, prospective buyer to have peace of mind when entering into an equine transaction. The Spur Bar Ranch extends this guarantee to all the equine stock that they sell.


Stock Dog Sale Terms

Spur Bar puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and free of disease for two weeks following purchase. Your puppy has been examined by a vet a few days prior to receiving it and was given a clean bill of health. You will be given a copy of the health certificate and a shot record indicating when the next shots are due.  Our sales contract includes a guarantee against hip dysplaysia and CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly).

Shipping is available within the contiguous 48 state for $279.00, which includes airfare, transportation to airport, crate, health certificate and puppy starter package.

References from our satisfied customers are available upon request.